February 2017
28th February 2017
Citizens UK granted permission to bring legal action over Home Office’s failure to implement family reunification for unaccompanied refugee children in Europe
Citizens UK, represented by the MLP, was today granted permission to go to a full hearing in order to challenge the government’s failure to take adequate steps to ensure that unaccompanied children who spent months living in the Jungle in Calais in 2016, and have now been dispersed to centres across France, are able to access their rights to join their families in the UK.

Citizens UK is challenging the government’s failure to take steps to protect these children’s rights prior to the demolition of the Jungle, and its continuing failure to deliver and operate an effective system under the Dublin III Regulation to facilitate the transfer of unaccompanied child refugees. The government’s failure has meant charities such as Citizens UK’s Safe Passage programme have been forced to do the government’s job by carrying out the necessary legal and logistical work.

The legal action points out a “longstanding failure by the defendant [Home Office] and the French authorities to identify and protect children” and claims that the “expedited” process instituted by the Government after the demolition of the Jungle camp to bring children with family members in the UK has been implemented in an arbitrary, unreasonable and unfair way. As a result over 400 children claiming to have family in the UK have received no proper decisions on their claims and are now stranded in France with minimal information about how to challenge the unfair decisions in their cases. 

The grant of permission means a Court will for the first time examine the steps the UK government took to protect children in the Jungle with links to the UK, the lawfulness of the government’s expedited process and the efficacy of its implementation of the family reunification provisions of the Dublin III system in France. The court has ordered that the case be heard on an expedited basis.

A full press release can be found here. For more detail on our work on Calais, please visit our case page.

22nd February 2017
Judgment has been handed down in the Supreme Court case MM, concerning the minimum income requirement (MIR) for Britons to bring foreign spouses to the UK. The court found that the MIR is acceptable in principle, but that the Rule and Instructions as they currently stand fail to take into account the duty of the Home Office with regards to the best interests of the child. The court also found that the Instructions require amendment to allow consideration of alternative sources of funding when considering claims under article 8. The judgment can be found here.

October 2016
15th October 2016
Home Office faces court action over failure to protect Calais child refugees
The Guardian

April 2016
13th April 2016
A price-tag on love and a ban masquerading as a rule
Right to Remain

2nd April 2016
Syrian teenager who fled the Jungle to find his sister: ‘It feels good to feel safe at last’
The Guardian

March 2016
21st March 2016
Three Syrian boys arrive in UK from Calais camp
The Guardian

21st March 2016
House of Lords votes to let lone child refugees come to Britain
The Guardian

February 2016
23rd February 2016
At least 50 children in Calais camp have right to live in the UK says charity
The Guardian

19th February 2016
British writers and actors urge David Cameron to rescue refugee children
The Guardian

January 2016
27th January 2016
Detained, disbelieved, dehumanised: fighting for asylum seekers
Lacuna magazine

The MLP now has a more detailed release explaining the Calais court case in depth, which can be found here.

22nd January 2016

Syria refugees from Calais arrive in UK after legal ruling

Syrian refugee from Calais ‘Jungle’ is ‘so thankful’ to be in UK after landmark case
Daily Telegraph

21st January 2016
Syrian teenager’s brother looking forward to reunion after legal victory
The Guardian

20th January 2016
Four Syrian refugees must be brought from Calais camp to Britain, judges rule
The Guardian

Refugee crisis: Court victory could allow thousands more asylum seekers to come to Britain
The Independent

Landmark judgement rules Calais crisis refugees can come and live in Britain
The Mirror

The UK just made a ‘ground-breaking’ ruling on refugee children
Vice UK

18th January 2016
Four young refugees in Calais camp should join family in the UK, court hears
The Guardian

Can the UK keep ignoring child refugees desperate to reach their families?
Vice UK

Britcits, represented by the MLP, has been given permission to proceed in a case challenging the Adult Dependent Relatives Rule. For more information, please contact us.

December 2015

14th December 2015
After the Fast Track: what next for the detention of asylum seekers?
Open Democracy

13th December 2015
Court fight to let children trapped in the Calais ‘Jungle’ enter Britain
The Guardian

November 2015

30th November 2015
Amid the desolation, hope emerges from the Calais jungle

13th November 2015
The Detained Fast Track: the end of the road
Detention Action

October 2015

23rd October 2015
Sonal Ghelani, one of the MLP’s solicitors, was highly commended at the Law Society Excellence Awards for her work on the Detained Fast Track in the Human Rights Lawyer of the Year category. Find out more here: https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/support-services/events-training/excellence-awards/2015-winners/human-rights-lawyer-of-the-year/

September 2015

9th September 2015
The MLP have responded to the government’s consultation on asylum support: “Reforming support to failed asylum seekers and other illegal migrants.” Our response can be found here.

8th September 2015
Detention Action won the prestigious Liberty Human Rights Campaign of the Year Award for their work on the Detained Fast Track. The MLP was heavily involved in this work as Detention Action’s legal team. More information can be found here.

8th September 2015
The growing Home Office panic over Britain’s detention centres
The New Statesman

July 2015

31st July 2015
End of the line for the detention of asylum seekers
Huffington Post

29th July 2015
The Court of Appeal has not allowed the Home Office’s appeal against the ruling of 26th June 2015, which led to the Fast Track Rules being suspended, having been found to be ultra vires. For more information, including a copy of the judgment, please see our case page.

Court rejects government appeal over fast-track detention of asylum seekers
The Guardian

Home Office in turmoil following asylum ruling

20th July 2015
Parliamentary question confirms over 300 asylum seekers have been released from the Detained Fast Track since the ruling of 26th June 2015, which led to the suspension of the Fast Track Rules.

2nd July 2015
Whole Detained Fast Track process temporarily suspended. The ministerial statement confirming this can be found here. More information about this case can be found on the relevant case page.

More than 100 asylum seekers to walk free after detention system quashed
The Guardian

Victory for asylum campaigners as fast-track suspended

June 2015

26th June 2015
Detention Action case: the court has suspended the operation of the Fast Track Appeal Rules. This means that until the Court of Appeal decides the government’s appeal against the ruling of 12th June (see below), no appeals can be determined through the Detained Fast Track.

Court suspends fast-track asylum appeals system
The Guardian

12th June 2015
High Court rules that the Detained Fast Track appeals process is unlawful

Fast-track asylum system ‘unlawful’, High Court Rules

UK’s fast-track asylum system ruled unlawful
The Guardian


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