The Migrants’ Law Project is a legal and public legal education project, hosted by Islington Law Centre.  The MLP promotes fair treatment and access to justice for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK through the use of public law.

Asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees often struggle to ensure that their basic human rights are recognised and respected in the UK. Having fled torture, persecution, and warfare, or just wishing to make a better life for themselves, they struggle to access basic necessities such as healthcare, housing and education. They can be detained for long periods of time, and decisions about their future often lead to more suffering. Their ability to access and assert their rights is entirely dependent on their capacity to negotiate a complex legal system.There is an acute shortage of quality legal advice and representation for this vulnerable group.  Ongoing cuts to legal aid mean that some of the most vulnerable people in the country are left with little or no expert support, and unsafe asylum and immigration policies are going unchallenged.

The MLP seeks to protect and promote the human rights of asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees,  by seeking to tackle problems at their root in a sustainable, high impact way. We work towards addressing this imbalance by providing advice, support and training to organisations working with vulnerable groups, and where necessary, using our legal expertise to assist or lead on legal challenges.

We use a dual approach incorporating strategic legal work and legal education. Our strategic legal work – advice, representation, pre-litigation research, negotiation and litigation – means that we seek to tackle systemic problems around issues including, among others, detention, destitution, and protection of fundamental human rights. Our legal education work involves building legal capacity within organisations assisting asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants, as well as disseminating learning on key developments.

The Migrants’ Law Project’s work is part of a new approach to protecting the rights of some of the most vulnerable groups in the UK today. We work collaboratively to empower and build legal capacity among frontline, non-legally trained workers and activists in this sector.

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