The Migrants’ Law Project is a legal and public legal education project, hosted by Islington Law Centre.

The MLP promotes fair treatment and access to justice for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK through the use of public law.


The MLP Forum is a key resource for organisations and individuals working with asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants who want to explore key issues of concern for their client groups, and potential strategic legal actions.

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The MLP has taken on some of the most significant strategic legal cases in the sector since 2010, including cases on asylum support, the Detained Fast Track, and Dublin III family reunion for separated children in Europe. We represent individuals or organisations to litigate in the public interest where it has not been possible to achieve a just outcome through negotiation. Our cases pages provide background, briefings, judgments and more information on this area of our work.

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About our work

The MLP seeks to protect and promote the human rights of asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees,  by seeking to tackle problems at their root in a sustainable, high impact way. We work towards addressing this imbalance by providing advice, support and training to organisations working with vulnerable groups, and where necessary, using our legal expertise to assist or lead on legal challenges.

We use a dual approach incorporating strategic legal work and public legal education.

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